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Candidate Questionnaire Response: Part One

Our Response to this question posed by the Dayton Daily News: "Why are you seeking this office?"


The Dayton Daily News recently sent out a questionnaire to candidates. Here is my response to one of the questions.

Question:  Why are you seeking this office?

Answer:  "My family has been in this community for generations. I have been blessed to be able to stay here and raise my family in such a wonderful community. It has been more than luck that has allowed our community to become as successful as it is. It has taken the commitment and hard work of many people throughout the decades to create a community that has been around for over two hundred years. My greatest desire in seeking this office is to continue that tradition of looking towards the future, I am ready to use the talents I have to ensure that Troy remains a community where future generations can live in a community that is caring, generous and prosperous."