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Appelate court upholds decision of miami county common pleas judge

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TROY - Earlier today, the Second District Court of Appeals upheld the decision of the Honorable Stacy Wall in her decision in regards to the litigation involving the building at 112-118 West Main Street in Troy.

In response to that decision, the city made this official announcement:

"The Ohio Second District Court of Appeals has affirmed the Miami County Common Pleas Court decision related to the 116-118 West Main Street building in Troy's historic downtown. The City of Troy property maintenance orders and municipal court complaints remain pending and the City will continue to pursue compliance and enforcement.

Said Troy Mayor Robin Oda, "It's important to understand that the Troy Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals are volunteer citizens of our community. It's disappointing that their decision was overturned but we recognize the rule of law. The City has pending enforcement complaints in the court system at this time and we will actively pursue compliance, as directed by our Law Director."

Perhaps instead of expressing disappointment over a legal decision that hinged on whether our boards and commissions acted within the bounds of the law, we should rather express a committment that our zoning code will be followed and we will work towards a resolution to this issue, which first and foremost means opening up the sidewalk and the seven parking spaces that have been out of commission for over three years. Our residents deserve better.