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Council President Lutz announces candidacy for Mayor of Troy

Will run for office in 2023 Republican Primary in Troy

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TROY - Troy City Council President William Lutz has announced his candidacy for Mayor in the May 2023 Republican Primary. Lutz, who was first elected as an At-Large City Council Member in 2017 and subsequently elected as Council President in 2019 and 2021 has stated he feels our community needs an administration that is more responsive to the concerns from residents.

“From my first day as a council member, I have always believed that our residents are the greatest asset our community has. The people who live in Troy are hard working, dedicated and generous. Our neighbors imagine this community to be the best place it can be for themselves and their families and they deserve leadership that believes the best in them,” said Lutz.

“As I talk to residents, there is a collective sense that we can and must do better. We have a planning commission that focuses its work downtown, yet no one from downtown has a voice on it. We had a reverse angle parking experiment that lasted way too long with little public support. We lack a cohesive and collective vision to move this city forward. We can do better,” continued Lutz. “During my time on council and in the community, I have worked to be a collaborative problem solver that has provided real solutions to real problems. My personal commitment is to work side-by-side with our residents to create Troy as a small town with big opportunities for everyone.”

“I fully realize that the Republican Primary election for this position is not until next May, but there is work to be done and making this announcement now will show my commitment to work towards a successful campaign,” said Lutz. Individuals wanting to know more information about William Lutz can visit the campaign website at or visit William Lutz on Facebook.