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Community Survey Results from September Released

Troy's Residents Share thoughts on the Community and our Direction as a City

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TROY - The results of the fifth Our Community Survey has been released to those individuals that took part in the survey and wished to have a copy of the results. In total 78 individuals completed the survey in the month of September and the results have a 9% margin of error.

Findings from the survey showed that just under 43% of respondents believed that the city was headed in the wrong direction, compared to 35% who felt that the city was headed in the right direction; 22% of respondents were not sure.

Residents also felt divided on whether they were hopeful looking towards the next year. When asked whether things would improve over the next year, 35% of respondents were either extremely confident or somewhat confident on whether they believed the city would be better off over the next year. 25% of respondents were not somewhat not confident or not confident at all. 38% of respondents believed that the community would not change over the next year.

Individuals wishing to receive a summary copy of the survey results are encouraged to make a request by sending an email to