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A Letter to the Editor: November 10, 2022

REsponse to Hate Group Flyers Being Distributed in The Community

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On November 9th, a neighbor informed me that flyers were distributed encouraging people to join a group that advocates blame, hate and violence towards some of our most marginalized citizens. When I heard this news, my heart sank.

Our community should be a welcoming home for people who are willing to work hard to create a community where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. Groups that advocate hate and violence, especially against those that are of different races or hold different beliefs should find zero comfort or support in our community.

More importantly, people deserve to feel safe, especially in their own homes. From what I understand, these flyers were placed in the mailboxes of those living in our community. These messages promoting blame, hate and violence ended up a few feet from the front door of many residents.

When I delivered the Troy Daily News as a youngster for five and a half years, I learned one important lesson about mailboxes. The only thing that goes in the mailbox is the mail. Not a newspaper, not notes for customers and certainly not flyers promoting blame, hate and violence. It is flat out illegal.

Those that are a victim of trespassing should contact the police department and those that have questions about mail related crimes should contact the local postmaster. Also, reports of these incidents should be made to the City’s Human Relations Commission, this group is designed to receive reports of this nature.

Blame, hate and violence has no home in Troy, Ohio. Not at our doorsteps, not in our mailboxes, not anywhere in our community.